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Coloring books about vegetables don't seem dangerous, but there's always the risk that you (or your kids) could cut your fingers while chopping carrots, or that the company that processes credit card orders on this site could get hacked, or that you could poke yourself in the eye with a crayon while coloring. 


So, by visiting this site ( and/or purchasing, downloading, or otherwise interacting with any content or materials found on this site, or through links from this site, you agree that:

If you buy something and it doesn't arrive or it arrives damaged, you will let me know and I will send you a new one.

Other than that, you will not hold Plant and Plate and/or Claire Boudreaux liable for anything. You will supervise your kids (and grownups too) when they are cooking so they don't get hurt. You, your friends, family, associates, heirs, and/or assigns will hold me, my friends, family, associates, heirs, and/or assigns harmless for all damages, real and imaginary, in perpetuity. 

And also you won't re-sell, re-use, and/or distribute any content without permission. 

This constitutes the entirely of our agreement, and may be updated at any time, without notice.